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Post-Show Feedback Survey

What did you think of the programme you attended? How was your experience with NUS Arts Festival 2022? Fill out this 5-minute survey and let us know how we can improve for future editions of NUS Arts Festival.

Virtual Message Board

Whether you’re supporting someone you know, or were just impressed by a group’s performance, write words of encouragement to our student artists through our virtual message board!

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Spotify Playlists

You might recognise the phrase "400 Lux" from Lorde's debut album. But did you know that 400 lux is also the estimated level of brightness during sunrise or sunset on a clear day?

Take a slice of NUS Arts Festival 2022 with you courtesy of NUS Centre For the Arts’ Spotify account! Inspired by the shades of light(ness) in sunrise and sunset, our Arts Ambassadors have put together a pair of Spotify Playlists that will keep you company as you start your day, or end the night. Don’t forget to let us know what your favourite tracks from the playlists are, and remember to tag @nuscfa. 


Join Friends of CFA

Friends of CFA is our complimentary membership programme that brings the arts and people together at NUS Centre For the Arts. Register as a Friends of CFA member to receive updates on arts performances, exclusive invitations to workshops and talks, and monthly giveaways.
Members enjoy these privileges at NUS Arts Festival 2022
Purchase a pair of tickets for $25. *
*Ticket prices are subject to a ticket booking fee.


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