X:LAB signals CFA’s interest to collaborate with faculty on cross-disciplinary education through the arts. This year, two faculties have come on board with student projects that have dared to go beyond their comfort zones to embrace a journey of experimentation and discovery. Here, we showcase the process of development as a means to inspire more such adventurous spirits to chart the way of cross-disciplinary learning necessary in the education landscape today. 

With the College of Design and Engineering

Early discussions with the then-Faculty of Engineering (now College of Design and Engineering) began in early 2021 on the Festival theme, which resulted in an invitation to Engineering students to embark on their final-year projects as Festival artworks. Four brave project teams put themselves on the line to meld the worlds of art and science together.

With the School of Computing

The idea of incorporating Augmented Reality (AR) into dance was seeded in 2019 and tested further as a summer project in 2020 to assess its technological possibilities. In 2021, two students from the School of Computing decided to take on this challenge as part of their final-year project to further explore this technology for the Festival.