A Close Eyecounter

Artist Ryf Zaini in collaboration with Dr Sun Chen-Hsin, Dexter Tan, Ng Qi Yuan, Lee Shao Yu, and Caleb Nathaniel Karim

Supervised by Professor Hong Minghui

Fri 18 March - Sun 17 April / UTown, across from Fine Foods entrance

Free Admission (Subject to prevailing Safe Management Measures)

In A Close Eyecounter, artist Ryf Zaini asks us to consider how much of our lives are determined by what we see. Do we take our quality of sight for granted? What changes when our vision dims, and there is no solution for it? 

A collaboration with NUS College of Design and Engineering, this interactive installation utilises simulated LiDAR technology that analyses individuals’ eyes, providing a technological diagnosis that serves as a stark reminder of how our eyes, just like our devices, need to be taken care of – allowing us to renew our senses again.

Setting up the installation in front of FineFoods @ Utown.

 Grateful to Professor Thean (Dean, NUS College of Design and Engineering) for dropping by our installation before its official launch!


Step up and view through the glasses of someone living with myopia, seen through the projection in front of you.