An Eclipse of Moths

Vineeth Buddha and Hardy Shein Nyien Chan

in collaboration with Artist A'shua Imran

Mentored by Dr Anand Bhojan (NUS Computing)

Fri 18 March - Sun 27 March / UCC Foyer

Free admission (Subject to prevailing safe management measures)

“Like a moth to a flame”. The moth is known for its obsession with light, drifting ever closer to any lamp or candle near them. Like the moth, it is nearly impossible to imagine our society without our lights that keep us going, even in the wee hours. Inside every one of us is such a moth that yearns for the light.


We constantly find more ways to power our cities. We leave our lights on later and later into the night. But what happens to the light that was there all along? An Eclipse of Moths is an interpretation of how our obsession with light - specifically, artificial light - might be blotting out the light that has been with us since the beginning of time. Witness how our cumulative efforts birth this eclipse
A glimpse into the pitch proposal for this project: