In Living Company

Hup Jing Si, Poon Si Ying Averil, Lim Yu Wei Jeremy, and Wong Jessie
Supervised by Professor Hong Minghui
Artist Mentor: Ryf Zaini


Fri 18 March - Sun 17 April / UTown Anteroom, Level 2, Stephen Riady Centre

Free Admission (Subject to prevailing Safe Management Measures)

In Living Company is helmed by a group of final year Electrical Engineering students embarking on their Final Year Project (FYP) on “Enhanced Plant Growth by Light Treatment in Localized Air-conditioned Environment". The FYP focuses on exploring how plants respond to different light intensities, spectrum, shining duration, and temperature in order to obtain the most optimal conditions for growth. We will be incorporating our research results into the light and temperature environment that we are using for our displays. 

"Currently we are gathering data for the different growth patterns of the plants based on different light spectrums and temperature. We are in the midst of doing a second round of data collection to ascertain our results for the different light spectrums we are testing."

- Jeremy


 “It was a challenging, yet fun and insightful experience and my team and I are extremely thankful for this opportunity to be involved in this collaboration between College of Design and Engineering and Centre For the Arts. Over the course of working on this project, we learned how to enhance our creativity by incorporating technology and the arts in our work and realised how the beauty of technology is often overlooked and that engineering processes can also be expressed in the form of an art.” - Jessie

"We are incorporating electrical appliances to house the plants we plan to showcase for the Festival. The images of the microwave show how the appliances may look like, though without plants in them yet."

- Jeremy