Tak Lurus

 A Short Film by NUS Dance Blast!

in collaboration with College of Design and Engineering, 

Directed by Ahmad Kamil


"This year, Blast! and CDE are collaborating to bring you an interesting play of light and reflection using lenticular lenses. We hope to bring you a unique perception and view of dance through a different lens. Definitely different from anything we have done before!"

- NUS Dance Blast! ExCo

"It is definitely going to be an interesting display of the performance through equipment that we have constructed specifically for this collaboration. We are excited for you to see how Blast!'s amazing dance can be relayed in a cool way through the play of lenses!"
- Team of students from College of Design and Engineering


"The experience was an eye-opening one and it felt like we were brewing magic from scratch. Seeing the item come to life with the use of the invisibility cloak, a wonderful creation by the FOE students, put us on the edge and even after numerous runs with invisibility cloak, it always manages to leave us in awe everytime. We are thankful for this collaboration and would look forward to more in the future!"

- Isabelle, Dance Captain, NUS Dance Blast! 

Rehearsals are underway!