Bodhi - The Awakening

NUS Indian Instrumental Ensemble

Fri 18 March, 7.30pm, Sat 19 March / 2pm & 7:30pm / UCC Dance Studio 

General: $25 / Students: $15 / Friends of CFA: $25 for two
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According to Indian Philosophy, the theme of Light is synonymous with realisation and enlightenment. The process is viewed as both a dichotomy between light and darkness as well as a gradient representing the journey towards this enlightenment. The duality in this process is what Bodhi - The Awakening brings to light. 


Bodhi - The Awakening incorporates Indian Classical Music, theatrical elements in storytelling and movement to depict the journey of enlightenment through the discovery of a person’s inner light. This production takes you on a journey through Indian Classical Music, with music compositions representing various moods and tones together with movement and text to reflect on the dual nature and transitions between light and darkness in a person’s journey towards enlightenment. As the first iteration of this production, Bodhi - The Awakening is a work-in-progress presentation by NUS Indian Instrumental Ensemble under the guidance of Music Director, Nawaz Mirajkar and directed by T Sasitharan. 

Bodhi - The Awakening is a confluence of Indian Classical Music and Theatre, presenting the duality of light and darkness and the transition between light and darkness through the eyes of a persona.

Programme Booklet

From Darkness to Light - In the Information Age by Dr Wu Shangyuan

About NUS Indian Instrumental Ensemble 

Since its founding in 1987, NUS Indian Instrumental Ensemble (IIE) has explored a variety of themes that form the basis of traditional Indian music. IIE is made up primarily of four musical sections – percussion, strings, keys and vocals, performing music that represents the ethnic diversity within India, from the Hindustani music of North India to the Carnatic music of South India.

The Ensemble continues to champion the traditional art form within the context of world music with rudiments of Indian music blending Eastern and Western influences to create bold new sounds that reflect the vibrant identity of Asian youth today. 

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T Sasitharan (Director)

T. Sasitharan (Sasi) established TTRP with Kuo Pao Kun in 2000 and was The Substation’s Artistic Director (1996-2000). He was a critic and arts editor with The Straits Times publishing articles on Singapore’s art and culture. He holds a Masters of Arts in Philosophy and taught philosophy in NUS. For more than 30 years, Sasi has been active as an actor, director and dramaturg and received the Cultural Medallion in 2012. 

Sasi has lectured internationally and served on the Boards of institutions including The Substation, National Arts Council, Singapore Art Museum, Singapore International Foundation, and the Asian Arts Network. 

Nawaz Mirajkar (Music Director) 

Born in Pune, India, Nawaz Mirajkar hails from a proud lineage of musicians, playing the table at seven, under the tutelage of his father Ustad Mohammad Hanif KhanMirajkar.  

Nawaz joined the Temple of Fine Arts as Head of Percussion in 1996. He is an adjunct SOTA faculty member in the Music department. Since 2000, he has been the Artistic Director of NUS Indian Instrumental Ensemble. His practice has expanded into contemporary fusion music inspired by Western, Oriental and Indian elements in hopes of elevating the art of the tabla and percussions that can appeal to the youth and traditionalists.