Somewhere in This Fog of Memory

Nicolette Tan, Shi Zhansen, Ong Suyi, and Erick Kristantio
Supervised by Dr Khoo Eng Tat

Fri 18 March - Sun 17 April / UCC Function Room 1

Every Wednesday and Friday, 12-2pm and 4-6pm

Free admission (Registration required from 28 March to 17 April)

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We are made of memories: our first day at school, remembering lyrics to our favourite songs, the last time we closed the door behind us. What if your many firsts, lasts and in-betweens wandered away from where you last left them? And what happens when everyone else seems slightly out of sync? 


Created by students from NUS College of Design and Engineering, Somewhere in This Fog of Memory is a journey into the mind of someone living with dementia. Walk, sing, and feel with them as we find meaning in illuminating the way for each other in this light-based installation. 


Please be sure to book your timeslot at least 3 days in advance, so that we can arrange for someone to be there to guide you through the experience! 

Timeslots to register for the installation are every Wednesday and Friday, 12pm-2pm and 4pm-6pm

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A Sudden Burst of Clarity by Jinny Koh

Nicolette Tan

Nicolette is a Year 4 NUS undergraduate with a double major in English literature and Innovation & Design, interested in public health, education and the arts. A dreamer at heart, she is especially enchanted by the works of Neil Gaiman and Frances Hardinge and would like you to know that a nice cup of coffee never goes amiss. When she is not buried in a book, she can be found trying to illustrate, or puzzle out a long string of code.

Shi Zhansen

Zhansen is a Year 4 undergraduate in NUS with a double major in Electrical Engineering and Innovation & Design. A fan of the works of Isaac Asimov, Cixin Liu and listening to opera, he can often be found running in UTown or climbing a rock wall somewhere in Singapore. If you see him, do give him a wave – he is an extrovert and passionate about forging new friendships.

Ong Suyi

Suyi is the first crazy engineer who took on an art project for her final year project.

Hit by a series of painful life events that year, she found herself forgetting simple things like how to send an email, or the walking route from Arts to Engineering. In these helpless times, looking up gave her the strength to keep pushing on.

She has never seen dementia the same way again and has since developed a newfound empathy for those in its grip. She pioneered The Cloud (ver.1.0), which symbolises both the hope and struggle people have with mental health. 

Erick Kristantio

Erick is a Year 4 NUS undergraduate with a double major in Mechanical Engineering and Innovation & Design. Inspired by his living experience in Singapore and Indonesia, his work explores the relationship between people and their social and physical spaces. His curiosity to learn how things work usually lead him to explore new hobbies and activities that put a hole in his wallet.

Sidharth Premnath

Sidharth is a Year 2 undergraduate with a major in Electrical Engineering. He enjoys working on interdisciplinary projects and has multiple interests ranging from football to philosophy. in his spare time he produces and publishes original music.

Chen Yilin

Yilin is a Year 3 undergraduate majoring in Data Science and Analytics. Always open to new experiences and ready to challenge herself, Yilin can be found competing in hackathons or organising workshops when not in school. Or singing, dancing or art-ing with new mediums (currently Jesmonite). Though her interests and identities are diverse, Yilin's mission is simple and singular; she aims to empower others to move past their fears, out of their comfort zones and to take on new challenges.