Tak Lurus

NUS Dance Blast!
in collaboration with College of Design and Engineering,
Directed by Ahmad Kamil 

Digital Streaming Short Film

Premieres online Thursday 17 March, available through to Sunday 17 April


Just like light that bends after going through mediums, we go through many twists and turns in life. We all wish we had it easy - with straightforward answers and quick solutions. However, how many of us actually get to live that life? 

Make sure to turn up the volume on your speakers or put your earphones on for the full immersive experience!

Available for digital streaming from Thursday 17 March to Sunday 17 April only.

Screening with Last Film Show (PG13)

Catch Tak Lurus on the big screen on 25 March, 7.30pm at The Projector (Golden Mile Tower). This will be followed by a short Q&A with students from NUS Dance Blast! and NUS College of Design and Engineering who were involved in the collaboration.

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Light bends differently depending on the material used, and the angle at which it goes through the material. Similarly, situations we encounter pull and push us to varying degrees depending on its complexity, stretching us beyond what we are used to. We hold on tight knowing that things will be straight eventually, only to go through another medium, and then another, and then another.

“Tak Lurus”, meaning “not straight” in Bahasa Melayu, brings about the marriage between technology and the arts, where light refraction technology creates a medium to express the situations we undergo and emotions we feel as we journey through this large medium called life.

About NUS Dance Blast!

Founded in 2001, NUS Dance Blast! is a collegiate club based in street dance and open choreography. As the largest street dance group in NUS, Blast! prides itself in empowering its members to grow as versatile and excellent dancers. Through a holistic curriculum and various events, Blast! provides opportunities for its members to discover themselves as performers, creators and leaders. Collectively, as a family of dancers from diverse backgrounds, Blast! comes together to leave a positive, Blast!ing impression on the dance community and society at large.

Recent productions include From The Store, NUS Dance Blast! 20th Anniversary digital production, Take 5: A Time to Share, for NUS Arts Festival 2021, and Blast! Out of Bounce: Deleted in 2019.

About NUS Faculty of Engineering (FOE) Electrical Engineering Final Year Project

In conjunction with the theme of the Arts Festival, Shades of Light(ness), Final Year students Benjamin Pang, Deroy Tan and Hidemi Oura from the Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering (ECE), Faculty of Engineering (FOE), has researched on and worked on building an invisibility cloak based on the concepts of Fermat’s Principles and Transformation Optics. The element of invisibility is showcased through the application of their product in ‘Tak Lurus’.

Ahmad Kamil (Director)

Ahmad Kamil is a choreographer/dancer from Singapore that constantly pushes his artistic boundaries as he continuously develops and shapes his own artistic voice. Since 2008, he has won championships and achieved Top 3 placings in competitions. He has also been involved in the creation of multiple dance productions locally and as well as overseas.

He is currently the Artistic Director of Six.5, the first hip hop dance company in Singapore. As a director, he is constantly intrigued by the beauty and honest nature of human emotions and actions. This is reflected in his works especially in the recent TI:ME production at Victoria Theatre, Singapore (2019)

As a dancer, Kamil is known for his soulful presence and fluid quality. His movements reflect his personality. Being patient, aware, sensitive, as well as present in the moment. His movements are a hybrid of various styles and genres and philosophies that he has explored in. He is also a dance coach and choreographer at O School. Kamil aims to be a leader for future generations and guide them in the world of performing Arts.